Cannon Mountain, October 3, 2004

On what was easily the most spectacular day of the year, there was one mountain on the menu: Cannon. Home to the former Old Man of the Mountain (R.I.P.) and a ski area to the north, it is a popular spot, and the perfect skies, unlmited visibility, and pleasantly cool (OK it was really cold at the bottom) made this a destination for the masses. The route up was the Hi-Cannon Trail, which wastes no time getting to the top in about 2.8 miles. Plenty of lingering and enjoying the 360° view, then down the Kinsman Ridge Trail to the Lonesome Lake Trail and out. That Kinsman Ridge Trail was a knotty little affair, dropping pretty much straight down for a half mile. All that followed by some great food and a beer at the Woodstock Inn & Station. And the Pats won. Stats: 6.1 miles, 2350 feet, in a leisurely 4.5 hours or so.

Mt. Lafayetts, Mt. Lincoln

The view from the summit ledges: Lafayette, Lincoln, and Little Haystack across the valley.

Hi-Cannon Trail The one ladder stretch on the Cannon Hi-Trail. The trails were nice and dry, no problems going up or down.
Looking down on Lonesome Lake and the huts in the upper right corner. Lonesome Lake
David White with David Belfort and Sean Dave, Sean and Dave on top of Cannon Mtn.
One of the spectacular cliffs on the Kinsman Ridge Trail.*



*Actually it's just a rock.