Middle Carter, South Carter with VFFT, January 15, 2005

Kudos to Sherpa Kroto for picking an absolutely perfect weekend for the Views From the Top Gathering 7.5, which I joined only for a wonderful group hike up Middle and South Carter. The hike was preceded the day before by record warm temperatures and rain, followed by a dusting of snow. Crampons were de rigueur. Clear skies, moderate temps (15 to 25 degrees), only the lightest of breezes, and fine company made this a great adventure. Nice to meet everybody too! But thanks to failing brain cells, I ask that you help me finish the captions with the missing names!


Icy trail!

Right from start it was clear that we would be in crampons for the rest of the day. It wasn't all like this, but ice like this was not uncommon.

The Carter Crew on Imp Face
Half of the Carter Crew modeling in front of the Northern Presidentials
From the left Dr. Wu, Phil, Al, Chris (kneeling), Adam (??), (??), and Mary Ellen
with Michael J. in the background doing his own photo shoot

Middle Carter as seen from the North, approaching along the ridge

Middle Carter, NH
Carter Crew just south of Middle Carter The Carter Crew after Middle Carter (in the background). Danni (a.k.a. SkiMom, in red) has joined the gang.

Skimom breaking trail between Middle Carter and South Carter

the Northern Presidentials
The Northern Presidentials from the ridge between Middle Carter and South Carter.

Yours truly on the ridge between Middle Carter and South Carter

David White on Middle Carter
Middle Carter

Looking back towards Middle Carter

Looking ahead to South Carter, with Carter Dome in the background.

South Carter
Carter Crew at base

End of the road. I think we were all ready to take off our crampons.

From the left (including a few guesses): Danni (SkiMom) Mary Ellen (MEB), Phil (Prino), MichaelJ, Dawn (HikeThe115), Chris (ChrisB) yours truly, Dr. Wu, and Al (ajtiv).