Mt. Monroe, February 15, 2005--BRRRR

En route the plans changed from a mellow and viewless Mt. Cabot to Mt. Monroe, at the foot of Mt. Washington, with the possibility of endless views. Bob, a.k.a. NH Mtn Hiker, knew the hike, and needed it for his winter 48. But ahh, that Washington massif, so attractive to the clouds. The "clearing" part of the forecast was not to be, but the temps and the wind were pretty much on target. That is to say it must have been about 15 degrees, and the winds on the summit were close to 50 m.p.h. A bit nippy. A week ago we were tramping on four inches of snow in T-shirts, today was many layers and two feet of fresh powder. Not a great photo trip, but here's a taste of what we had.

A glimpse of the top of Mt. Washington from just below the ridge on Monroe

Bob at the ridge before Mt. Monroe

Bob at the summit

Dave at the summit. The glasses were a little foggy.

The indignities of winter hiking: bad hair and frosty eyelashes.