Welcome New Kitties!

We still miss poor old Max, but Treasure won't be lonely anymore with these two new guys in the house.

And this is Ms. Callie, just back from the groomers,
looking quite fetching in her pink bandana. No, that
is not a smudge, that's her nose. Check out that little
black spot on her front left foot--she has a couple
of those. Ms. Callie will soon be joining Weight Watchers.

This is little James, a.k.a. Jamie, a.k.a. James Bond, taking a bit of a snooze. He's about 8 weeks old, barely more than a handful in size, and totally adorable. He is at the perfect kitten-clumsy stage where he misses his jumps about half the time. Competition for the little guy's attention is fierce.

She is a very pretty girl.