Mt. Osceola and East Osceola Peak

The weather forecast from NOAA promised sunny and 55-60, perfect weather for a hike. But the approach to the mountains suggested otherwise, and the weather radio provided the following: "Forecast for the high peaks--Cloudy, temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees, and windy, with winds of 30-35 mph and higher gusts." I have now learned that the actual weather forecast to check is at the Higher Summits Forecast. Sure enough, I was in the clouds all day, the temperature dropped with every step up, and at the top the wind was roaring a steady 35-40, the trees above about 4000 feet were covered with ice, and the visibility was nil. It got a tad nippy in shorts! Round trip for this 8.4 mile trip: four hours thirty minutes. Feeling great.

The approach to Mt. Osceola, from the golf course down at the Waterville ski area. The sky did not remain this blue for very long.

A pretty typical section of trai up Mt. Osceola--not really steep but very rocky.
This was the first serious hint that the weatherman was not kidding.

Along the ridges the trail was shrouded by rime-coated trees

The ice even began to accumulate a little in places.
The Chimney on Osceola, just before the col between Osceola and East Osceola. A nice steep pitch, albeit a short one. Going down there is an easy option to the left.

The view from Mt. Osceola looking ??? This was as good as it got!

Some of the mushrooms along the trail